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This is what we do, Lets get to it
01. Research At First

This is where we have a look at our clients company, where they are, what they are doing and where they want to go.

02. Strategy

Here we look at where the client is, when then show we can take them and how we can get them there.

03. Lets Get to Work

Now this is where we go and get your site mobilized, Oh yes and your desktop site if needed.

04. Market Infusement

Now that we have the foundations set, its time get your brand Known and enter the world of internet marketing .


Some things you should know about us.
Mobile Websites

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Whoza Mobi is a company of true people that strive for excellence.

By doing this with all its concentration and passion, making the mobile web possible to small and large business owners. Positioning your company in the right direction of the mobile web true generator on the Internet. Whoza Mobi invites you to this new way of communication. Welcome to the .Mobi trend… Mobile Marketing at its Best.


These are the people behind our success and failures. These guys never lose a heart.
Pierre Goldman

South African born, but has a Brazilian flair to his ways. Lived in the beautiful city Of Rio for 10 years, where he developed his skills in internet marketing and entrepreneurship, arriving back in south Africa in 2007 and only stating whoza mobi when he me Shan Tavares in 2011. Pierre is creative and strives for excellence.

Shaun Tavares

South African Born, but has the Madeiran Portuguese Island style in him. He lived on the beautiful Island of Madeira Portugal, where he got his skills electronics and computers, this man can build literally anything with his hands, Arriving back in south Africa in 2010, led him to meet Pierre Goldman in 2011, was the second piece to Whoza Mobi. Shaun is devoted to keep a tight eye on expenses and Pierre.


These are the services we provide, these makes us stand apart.
We Develop Mobile websites and Mobile Marketing.
“Get set up with a mobile website quick and easy, Whoza Mobi provides, bespoke platforms and tools for a different way of communicating with your new and old customers…

Mobile Site Freatures

Mobile Website Features
  • Web App Mode for iOS devices support
  • Web App Notification with custom message
  • Web App full screen startup page support
  • squeeze page
  • Custome colors like your desktop website
  • Auto formats video keeping aspect ratio
  • Mobile contact form – with captcha
  • gallery & slideshow
  • click/tap to call buttons
  • social icons
  • GPS directions page
  • Mobile PayPal Buy Now Button
  • Mobile Website Features
  • Up to 100% W3C Validation
  • Out of the box 99% Speed Test
  • menu button transparency and opacity
  • almost all autoresponders
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense for mobile
  • iOS6 Smart App Banner Support
  • App style footer icon menu bar
  • QR Codes
  • Google mobile site map generator
  • works on ALL phones
  • Push Notification Integration
  • Lets go Mobile


    We hope you enjoy our work

    This is the part where we show off our work and boast about what we have done for your clients, we are sure that you will find our work of the best quality, our service is one that we treasure and go to every extent to make our clients happy.


    Come on. We have introduced ourself much. Just leave a message.

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